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Betelgeuse supernova unlikely despite unusual dimming | John Glenn was the 1st American to orbit Earth | Climate change and pollution could eliminate nearly all coral reefs by end of century


Betelgeuse supernova unlikely despite unusual dimming
Feb 20, 2020 16:16 UTC. Read More

John Glenn was the 1st American to orbit Earth
Feb 20, 2020 15:59 UTC. Read More

Climate change and pollution could eliminate nearly all coral reefs by end of century
Fox News
Feb 20, 2020 15:43 UTC. Read More

Japan’s space agency moving ahead with Phobos lander mission
Ars Technica
Feb 20, 2020 14:37 UTC. Read More

Physicists grab individual atoms in groundbreaking experiment
Feb 20, 2020 13:40 UTC. Read More

Study of African society inspires broad thinking about human paternity, fidelity
Feb 20, 2020 13:36 UTC. Read More

Molecular oxygen discovered in another galaxy for first time ever
Fox News
Feb 20, 2020 13:16 UTC. Read More

What should we do if a 'planet-killer' asteroid takes aim at Earth?
Feb 20, 2020 13:00 UTC. Read More

Duck-billed dinosaur's tail had tumors found in children
Feb 20, 2020 12:00 UTC. Read More

NASA's Juno corrects a 25-year-old misconception about Jupiter
Feb 20, 2020 07:56 UTC. Read More

This Is Why Betelgeuse (Probably) Isn't About To Explode
Feb 20, 2020 07:00 UTC. Read More

Russian space agency replaces cosmonauts on next space station crew
Spaceflight Now
Feb 20, 2020 02:55 UTC. Read More

Visiting the most vulnerable place on Earth: the 'doomsday glacier'
League of Legends
Feb 20, 2020 01:34 UTC. Read More

28,500 year old dog jawbone reveals new insight into how dogs became domesticated
Daily Mail
Feb 19, 2020 23:26 UTC. Read More

NASA’s Juno probe reveals water in Jupiter’s atmosphere
Feb 19, 2020 22:20 UTC. Read More

'By any means necessary': Vice President Pence urges NASA on moon-Mars goal
Feb 19, 2020 21:41 UTC. Read More

Study Suggests Fossil Fuel Use Emits Up to 40% More Climate-Heating Methane Than Previously Thought
Common Dreams
Feb 19, 2020 21:32 UTC. Read More

No, Researchers Conclude, This Dinosaur Did Not Walk Upside Down
Feb 19, 2020 21:23 UTC. Read More

How much water does Jupiter really have? Here's what NASA's Juno mission found
Feb 19, 2020 21:21 UTC. Read More

A dimming Betelgeuse has stargazers bursting. Three questions.
The Christian Science Monitor
Feb 19, 2020 21:03 UTC. Read More

Bacteria on the International Space Station no more dangerous than earthbound strains
Feb 19, 2020 20:54 UTC. Read More

Tungurahua Volcano “The Black Giant” Showing Warning Signs of “Potential Collapse”
Feb 19, 2020 20:22 UTC. Read More

What if we could teach photons to behave like electrons?
Feb 19, 2020 20:22 UTC. Read More

Photos: Antares rocket lifts off with station-bound Cygnus supply ship
Spaceflight Now
Feb 19, 2020 20:19 UTC. Read More

Volcano in Ecuador showing signs of 'potential collapse,' researchers say
Feb 19, 2020 20:11 UTC. Read More

Oil and gas production is contributing even more to global warming than was thought, study finds
Feb 19, 2020 19:32 UTC. Read More

NASA reveals stunning photo of Earth from four billion miles away: 'That's home. That's us.'
Feb 19, 2020 19:31 UTC. Read More

World's oldest salamander discovered in Siberia
Fox News
Feb 19, 2020 19:26 UTC. Read More

MIT system predicts the best way to deflect an Earth-bound asteroid
Feb 19, 2020 19:22 UTC. Read More

Cold weather hitting Europe and the USA are NOT caused by a warming Arctic
Daily Mail
Feb 19, 2020 18:59 UTC. Read More

The First Alien Life We Find Is More Likely To Be Intelligent Than Not, SETI Expert Says
Feb 19, 2020 18:58 UTC. Read More

We've Vastly Underestimated How Much Methane Humans Are Spewing Into The Atmosphere
Feb 19, 2020 18:47 UTC. Read More

Betelgeuse, the bright star in Orion, is getting dimmer: photos
Business Insider
Feb 19, 2020 18:27 UTC. Read More

Dog domestication during ice age
Science Daily
Feb 19, 2020 18:10 UTC. Read More

New Rocket Design Is Powered by a Ring of Literal Explosions
Feb 19, 2020 17:33 UTC. Read More

See the new Solar Orbiter's 1st space measurements (and an awesome video)
Feb 19, 2020 17:23 UTC. Read More

Astronomers look to preserve the night sky as thousands of satellites set to launch
Feb 19, 2020 17:10 UTC. Read More

'Pale Blue Dot' shines anew in Carl Sagan Institute video to mark iconic photo's 30th anniversary
Feb 19, 2020 16:59 UTC. Read More

Canid fossil study consistent with dog domestication during ice age
Feb 19, 2020 16:58 UTC. Read More

Climate change could wipe out all coral reef habitat within decades, scientists warn
CBS News
Feb 19, 2020 16:55 UTC. Read More

MIT Proposes New Plans for Deflecting Killer Asteroids
Feb 19, 2020 16:54 UTC. Read More

New Simulations Show Coral Reefs May Be Mostly Gone by 2100: Study
Feb 19, 2020 16:04 UTC. Read More

Biodiversity theory backed by island bird data
Feb 19, 2020 16:02 UTC. Read More

Biodiversity theory backed by island bird data
Feb 19, 2020 16:02 UTC. Read More

Biodiversity theory backed by island bird data
Feb 19, 2020 16:02 UTC. Read More


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